Who We Are

Innovative Civil & Structural design engineers using sustainable, future -proofed materials and building techniques that put the planet and people first.

About Thomas Consulting

Committed to innovation, quality and exceptional service

We have developed a strong reputation within the industry providing technical services and construction guidance on a variety of building structures for over 40 years. Our dedicated team of engineers pride themselves on continuous development as required to remain on top of latest technology and innovation.

Whether working directly for the client, architect or principal contractor or engaged by the sub-contractor, we provide a diverse range of engineering services to facilitate the development of building structures and infrastructures.

The Best Structural Solution

We work collaboratively with all stakeholders on the project to provide the best solution to deliver the clients requirements .
A working understanding of both our clients’ requirements in conjunction with an ability to communicate effectively, provides a collaborative approach.

We guide our clients to the best structural outcome, considering risk, sustainability and cost.