What We Do

We provide you with the highest quality engineering service, while maintaining the highest level of safety and efficiency, with the most cost-effective processes.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering consists of designing construction solutions and methods for infrastructure such as roads, bridges, waterways, sewage systems, airports, reservoirs and railways. Designing the construction methods for these members requires a person to understand structural components, installation procedures, material usage as well technical knowledge such as hydraulic design, structural actions as well as chemical reactions.

Mathematics and physics form the basis of an engineer’s knowledge, and as Civil engineers we aim to develop infrastructure through improved amenity and biodiversity whilst considering the social, economic and environmental impact design and construction has on our planet to ensure a sustainable future.

As consulting engineers we are involved throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction process, from pre-planning/conceptual design, planning applications, construction methodology to post-development maintenance and surveying. We manipulate both innovative manmade features and harness natural materials to improve infrastructure to design, create and connect up the world around us.

Common practices as a Civil engineer include drainage designs, highway designs, flood risk assessments, ground investigations, surveying, post-development installation reports, on-site inspection, construction sequencing and site plans.

Our Main Services

  • Highways design (including s38 and s278)
  • Drainage design (including s104)
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Hydrology
  • Flood risk assessments