What We Do

We provide you with the highest quality engineering service, while maintaining the highest level of safety and efficiency, with the most cost-effective processes.

Geotechnical / Environmental

As more developments are being undertaken on land with previous uses it is important to determine what contamination may be present on the site for the construction phase and whilst the development is in use. This enables correct working practices to be determined and develop the strategy for remediation to facilitate the development.

What we do

We can undertake a contaminated land assessment starting with a desktop study termed a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) to determine the likelihood of contamination. The PRA will identify if further intrusive investigations are required to test for contaminants. We can manage this further investigation and co-ordinate this with a geotechnical assessment to determine the near surface soil properties for foundation, highway pavement and retaining wall design. Where required and outside of contaminated sites, in-situ percolation testing can be undertaken to determine if soakaways can be employed on the site to address Sustainable Drainage Design (SuDS) requirements.

Our Main Services

  • Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment
  • Phase 2 ground investigation management and coordination
  • Ground Investigations including (but not limited to)
    • Trial Pitting
    • Borehole Window Samples
    • Falling Head Tests
    • Infiltration Test to BRE365 and Building Regulations
    • CBR Testing
    • SPT Testing
    • Chemical Analysis
  • Drainage Surveys & CCTV
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys