What We Do

We provide you with the highest quality engineering service, while maintaining the highest level of safety and efficiency, with the most cost-effective processes.

Structural Inspections & Surveys

Our structural inspection reports can provide you with reassurance regarding the structural integrity of your home; whether this is for a new purchase or a property you already own. Our report will identify the defects and provide recommendations for further intrusive investigation when needed and recommendations for remedial works. The inspection is undertaken by a Chartered Engineer (CEng) either with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) or Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE).
Your RICS or mortgage valuation report may have already indicated areas of concern that may need further examination; our structural inspection report can help address the queries the valuation report raises.
We can also undertake structural inspections to advise of the suitability of a structure for conversion from its current use, such as a barn, to residential to support your submission for Planning Permission.

What is covered

We will undertake a visual inspection of those items that are typically associated with the structural fabric of the property, such as floors, walls, roof and where exposed foundations. Where external factors such as, drains, trees and ground conditions may affect foundations, these will also be noted in the report with further recommendations for intrusive investigation if needed. The report will discuss remedial options but does not include the detailed design of the remedial works.

Our Main Services

  • Structural inspection reports for residential properties as part of conveyancing following recommendations from RICS survey or requests from mortgage provider
  • Structural inspection reports to assist the initial insurance claim due to structural movement / cracking to residential properties
  • Structural inspection reports to support planning submissions for suitability of conversion of barns and other properties to residential use
  • Structural inspection reports following damage caused by impact, fire damage or due to foundation movement.
  • RAAC panel inspection for identification and assessment
  • Highway structures inspections
  • Condition surveys as part of party wall surveying following appointment under the Party Wall Act 1996
  • Party Wall Surveyor as appointed under the Party Wall Act 1996