Penwortham Girls School

Preston, UK

Appointed by Penwortham Girls High School to provide Structural Engineering and Principal Designer (PD) services working alongside Architects, JMP.

Penwortham Girls High School

Penwortham Girls High School

JMP Lancaster


Project Description

Thomas Consulting Ltd were appointed by Penwortham Girls High School to provide Structural Engineering and Principal Designer (PD) services working alongside Architects, JMP. The project included the construction of an extension to the School premises to form a new training suite.

The Client confirmed during the early stages of the pre-construction planning process that the Building would remain in use throughout the course of the works and that a high potential for conflict existed between the contractor’s activities and school pupils/ members of staff/ members of the public. This was communicated in the pre-construction information pack to the Principal Contractor (PC), VMC Developments Ltd. Positive segregation between parties was stipulated as a control measure to reduce risk arising from this unavoidable hazard.

The works involved localised wall removal and the temporary state, remaining elements would be rendered unstable. Deep excavations were anticipated for new foundations, requiring shoring and other temporary works to control risks to site personnel. These further unavoidable hazards were communicated to the PC as part of the pre-construction information. The PC prepared a Construction Phase plan and issued this to TCL for approval. The Plan incorporated risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) to control the risks arising from the residual hazards identified with pre-construction information. The Plan was checked by TCL as PD and suitability reported to the Client.

A message from Thomas Consulting

2021 - Merger Finalised

Thomas Consulting are delighted to announce that over the spring period we have finalised a merger with the structural arm of Carr Faulkner Associates Ltd (CFA Structures Ltd).

CFA Structures Ltd, is a highly regarded structural engineering practice based in Chorley, Lancashire.

The merger will  enhance Thomas Consulting’s already strong reputation within the industry for providing technical services, construction guidance,

and general Civil Engineering services UK wide.

The Carr Faulkner office in Chorley town centre has now closed, all future works will take the Thomas Consulting name.

All the staff at the time of the merger have been retained, with former director Howard Faulkner joining Thomas Consulting as a consultant at the Buckshaw Village office.

Should you need to contact any member of our team the following numbers are available during working hours of 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

01743 237940 (Shrewsbury), 01772 299040 (Chorley) and 01524 846022 (Lancaster)