Double beam engine

Double beam engine

​In 2021 it will 50 years since Blists Hill Victorian Town Museum opened to the public. In keeping with the areas innovative past, the Blists Hill museum was a first for a new type of open air museum. We were thrilled to be invited by The Ironbridge Gorge Museum to...
Cracks in your property

Cracks in your property

Depending on where you live a colloquial term for “fun, entertainment and conversation” is ‘crack’. It often turns up in writing from Northern England and Scotland such as Walter Scott and Robbie Burns. I know someone will be saying it should be ‘craic’ but this...

A message from Thomas Consulting

2021 - New Year, New Office

Here at Thomas Consulting we are on the move….

Exciting times after nearly 20 years in the current office at Friar Street the team are moving to a brighter, bigger accessible office at 21 China Street, Lancaster.  

The building has been part of a development undertaken by JMP Architects at their existing site.

The new office space has access directly off of China Street giving on-site parking for the Team and visiting clients; a rarity in Lancaster city centre.

As soon as COVID-19 Security and Government restrictions permit, we are looking forward to inviting all our associates and clients to enjoy a little cheese and Wine event at our new home.

We will be raising a toast to a healthy, safe and prosperous year for all.

Should you need to contact any member of our team the following numbers are available during working hours of 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

01743 237940 (Shrewsbury), 01772 299040 (Chorley) and 01524 846022 (Lancaster)