Phil was elected as a Member of the Institution (MIStructE) in 1992 and as a Fellow (FIStructE) in 2012.

Professional Review Interview Panel
In 2008 Phil joined the Chartered Professional Review Panel (now Professional Review Interview) for the IStructE Lancashire and Cheshire Regional Group. This work includes:-

  1. Reviewing Portfolios of work and Initial Professional Development reports
  2. Interviewing Candidates wishing to become Chartered Members of the Institution (MIStructE)
  3. Appraising whether candidates have achieved the minimum level of thirteen Core Objectives set by the Institution

Lancashire and Cheshire Regional Group Committee
In January 2017, Phil joined the IStructE Lancashire and Cheshire Regional Group Committee. As a Fellow Grade member, Phil is asked by the Institution to review other Engineers who live within the Regional Group who apply for Fellowship.

Throughout 2018 and 2019 Phil has been acting as Technical Meetings Secretary which involves:-

  1. Contacting potential Speakers to make presentations at the Regional Group Technical Meetings held at least monthly
  2. Agree meeting dates/ venues with the speakers
  3. Compile the meeting date calendar for entry to the Regional Group Members Directory (Yellow Book)
  4. Liaise with the Speaker, Venues and Institution commercial co-ordinator
  5. Act as deputy chair for the meeting if required

In January 2019, Phil was elected Vice-Chairman for the Regional Group and is due to take the Committee Chair in Jan 2021 which will include membership of the IStructE Council in London

Business Practice Committee
In February 2019, Phil joined the IStructE Business Practice Committee. The work of the committee includes writing, reviewing and publishing Business Practice Notes in addition to advising the IStructE in respect of best business practice.

A message from Thomas Consulting

Here at Thomas Consulting as other organisations during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 we are following the Government recommendations to  reduce the spread of the virus. Staff have been made aware of the steps that need to be taken if they show any signs of the infection or have been in contact with others with the symptoms and are updated with any changes daily. That said we are fully operational and focused on delivering safe, reliable on-going support to both new and existing clients; having implemented measures to ensure that we are able to have staff working remotely (i.e. at home) reducing their contact both with each other and clients to keep all as safe as is possible.

Please note we are still undertaking site visits and inspections using appropriate face masks, gloves and any other required PPE.  Prior to attending a site meeting or inspection a rigorous risk assessment will be undertaken to allow staff to carry out their work safely.

Thomas Consulting are committed to continue to review the Governments recommendations and make the necessary changes that enable our projects to be delivered on time collaboratively during this period with the minimum amount of risk.

Whilst this is an ongoing and changing process we will constantly review the situation and respond accordingly; should you need to contact any member of our team the following numbers will always be available during our normal working hours of 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday 01743 237940 (Shrewsbury), 01772 299040 (Chorley) and 01524 846022 (Lancaster).