Principal Designer

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, 2015, (CDM) aim to improve health, safety and welfare within construction, by managing the risks involved in the project from conception through to completion. The regulations created a new role of Principal Designer (PD) to manage the risks in a project in the pre-construction phase and provide relevant information to contractors.

Thomas Consulting can undertake the role of PD on any project where they are appointed as a designer and carry out the necessary risk assessments in order to comply with the CDM regulations.


The Regulations require that on all construction projects the client must:

  • Ensure that suitable management arrangements are in place for the project
  • Ensure that sufficient time and resources are allocated
  • Provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors
  • The Principal Designer and Principal Contractor carry out their duties
  • Welfare facilities are provided

Failure to comply with the Regulations and the duties imposed may result in heavy criminal penalties being imposed on clients.

If we….

have an idea which will save our clients time, money and risk… we communicate it


As Principal Designer, we identified that the site was in close proximity to National Grid 275kV overhead power cables which would require careful control of cranage activities to minimize the risks associated with electrocution.

National Care Group

Appointed by National Care Group to provided Structural Design and Principal Designer (PD) services, working alongside Architects, JMP.

Penwortham Girls High School

Appointed by Penwortham Girls High School to provide Structural Engineering and Principal Designer (PD) services working alongside Architects, JMP.