Flood Risk Assessments (FRA)

We are able to provide flood risk assessments (FRA) or flood consequence assessment (FCA) as they are termed in Wales, for your property or development for planning, insurance or due diligence purposes.

FRA’s are required as part of a planning submission if your site is within Flood Zone 2 or 3 or is more than 1ha within flood zone 1. The FRA looks at all sources of flooding, not just from rivers and the sea.

Should you require, the FRA can be supplemented with a drainage strategy for the development and flood response/evacuation plans.


  • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
  • River Flood Modelling
  • Drainage Strategy
  • Flood Response/Evacuation Plans
  • 10% rise

    in annual average rainfall is forecast for 2100 when compared to 1985-2005 IPCC 5th Assessment Report