Bridge Design

Our structural engineers  have extensive experience in design, appraisal and inspection of bridge and highway structures. We have worked closely with developers, adopting authorities and commercial landowners, to provide comprehensive assistance with all forms of bridge and highway related projects. We take care to ensure that new structures are designed and developed using the latest technology and best practises. 

We are able to undertake Principal Bridge Inspections of motorway and primary highway structures, along with design appraisals of existing highway structures, to confirm load carrying capacities; and once a structure has reached the end of its working life, our engineers can work closely with demolition contractors to ensure that the removal is undertaken safely.


  • Full Structural Design of Bridges, Retaining Walls and Culverts

  • Assisting with Approval In Principal (AIP) for new highway structures

  • Liaison with Adopting Authorities

  • Principal Bridge Inspections

  • Bridge and Highway Structure Assessments

  • Bridge Repair Design

  • Full Scale Insitu Bridge Loading Tests

  • Assessment and Appraisal for Demolition Works.

“the story of bridge building is the story of civilisation.”
Franklin D Roosevelt 1931

Bridges at Ballam Road

Bridge crossing Ballam Brook (Lytham, UK) to provide access to United Utilities storm water overflow tank and pumping station. 

Bridges at the Waters Edge

Barret Homes residential development required a new 23 metre span access bridge and the re-decking of an existing Victorian access bridge over the River Tame.

St Catherines Hospice

We were approached St. Catherine’s Hospice’s appointed architect with concerns about a narrow existing stone masonry arch bridge that provided the main access.

A message from Thomas Consulting
Here at Thomas Consulting as other organisations during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 we are responding to the Government recommendations to try and reduce the spread of the virus. Staff have been made aware of the steps that need to be taken if they show any signs of the infection or have been in contact with others with the symptoms and are updated with any changes daily. That said we are focused on delivering safe, reliable on-going support to both new and existing clients; having implemented measures to ensure that we are able to have staff working remotely (i.e. at home) reducing their contact both with each other and clients to keep all as safe as is possible.

Unfortunately site meetings are postponed until the current restrictions are reviewed and updated and each meeting/site visit will be assessed individually at that time. All other elements of each project will continue to be progressed where possible and each member of the team will be updating clients on their progress.

Thomas Consulting are committed to continue to review the Governments recommendations and make the necessary changes that enable our projects to be delivered on time collaboratively during this period with the minimum amount of risk.

Unfortunately this is going to be an ongoing process for the next few months with constant review; however should you need to contact any member of our team the following numbers will always be available during our normal working hours of 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday 01743 237940 (Shrewsbury), 01772 299040 (Chorley) and 01524 846022 (Lancaster).