Leyland, UK

CNG approached Thomas Consulting to assist with a new autonomous filling station to be constructed adjacent to the A49 at Leyland, close to junction 28 of the M6 Motorway

Wigan Road, Leyland

CNG Fuels


Project Description

CNG Fuels supply Biomethane fuels for use in commercial vehicles, as an alternative to Diesel fuels. The fuel is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. It is estimated that HGV vehicles that have been converted to run on Biomethane fuel can offer annual fuel savings of up to £15,000 per vehicle.

To allow the project to come to a successful conclusion, Thomas Consulting provided a broad range of services; these included:

  • geotechnical investigation works
  • Structural design for the machine and pump bases
  • roads and drainage design across the site, including S278 approvals required for the site access.

The project also required that a vehicle turning circle was constructed above the National Grid High Pressure Gas main which runs parallel to the M6 Motorway. Thomas Consulting provided design for the buried bridge structure that was required to facilitate this.

Thomas Consulting also produced the specifications, tender documentation and project management services for the scheme.