Preston, UK

Bridge Repairs and Access Improvements to St. Catherine’s Hospice, Preston.

We were approached by St. Catherine’s Hospice, architect regarding concerns about a narrow existing stone masonry arch bridge that provided the main access to the hospice.

St. Catherine’s Hospice, Preston

St Catherine’s Hospice

Project Description

We undertook a Principle Bridge Inspection and Assessment and discovered a substantial section of the arch foundation had been under-scoured by the river flowing beneath the bridge, and also determined a vehicle weight limit was required. We designed an innovative underpinning method allowing the bridge to remain open during the restoration of the foundation. Further inspections have since proven the effectiveness of this work.

Concerns were also raised regarding pedestrians using the bridge because of the very narrow roadway and it was decided to construct a small access footbridge alongside the bridge to provide a safe access. The architect required a simple low-cost structure, largely constructed from timber to be sympathetic with the woodland setting. We designed the footbridge structure utilising low cost bank seat foundations supported by small diameter driven piles.

To provide durability and reduce maintenance costs the timber decking is supported by two effectively concealed galvanised steel beams durable hardwood was used for the decking and parapets.