Preston, UK

Market Car park

Bradley Demolition


£2m (approx)

Project Description

To facilitate a new cinema and updated car park within the centre of the City of Preston. The existing concrete car park and market hall were required to be deconstructed. Thomas Consulting were employed by demolition contractor, Bradley Demolition, to assist with ensuring that the works were undertaken in a safe manner.

Thomas Consulting had previous experience of the car park, as inspection and repair services had been provided to Preston City Council since 1999. Adopting this knowledge, Thomas Consulting, working closely with Bradley Demolition, were able to produce a strategy to deconstruct the building and car park in a manner that was safe for the sensitive, busy site location, and to avoid unnecessary disruption to neighbouring businesses.

The car park structure is located directly adjacent to the busy Ringway thoroughfare which runs through the centre of the city. Thomas Consulting worked with Bradley Demolition and other controlling authorities to review what impact the removal of the structure would have on the 5m high retaining walls which supported the highway.