The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, 2015, (CDM) impose new Health and Safety responsibilities upon all clients that are planning to undertake construction work. Thomas Consulting has qualified engineers who have been registered as Association of Project Safety CDM Co-ordinators and can assist clients in relation to the CDM Regulations. The CDM Co-ordinators have now been replaced with a new role of Principal Designer. Thomas Consulting can undertake the role of Principal Designer on any project where they are appointed as a designer.

Requirements of the CDM Regulations

The Regulations are, subject to the responsible authority, enforced by either the Health and Safety Executive or the Local Authority. The Regulations require that on all construction projects the client must:

  • The Principal Designer must liase and co-ordinate with all Designers to ensure that design hazards are appropriately addressed at the design stage.
  • Ensure that suitable management arrangements are in place for the project
  • Ensure that sufficient time is allowed for the contractor to plan construction works and mobilise resources
  • Provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors

Failure to comply with the Regulations and the duties imposed may result in heavy criminal penalties being imposed on clients.

Download the CDM leaflet